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Business Writing Skills Training: Business Letter Writing - The Business Thank You Note

It's that time of year again, when you get to sit down and write out those thank you notes to loyal customers, vendors and staff (some of whom may have become good friends with by now).

To be honest, that time of year, really means all year. There is never a bad time to write someone a thank you note.

If this is the sort of thing that you dread because you aren't sure where to start then these 5 tips and examples on how to write a business thank you note are a great place to begin.

You can say more with less, but if you want to convey a heartfelt message then you can start your thank you with a story about the person you are thanking. For instance, how did you meet?

Heartfelt Thank you note to customers, vendors, or staff:

Hello ________________,

Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate the times we have shared this year and to thank you for (your loyal support - what are you thanking them for?).

It seems like yesterday when we were shaking hands out in front of my store and laughing about the joys and disappointments of (raising our children - replace this with your own memory). Seeing you (walk through the door - name in my email box, etc.) always brings a smile to my face and I wanted to take a minute to let you to know how much I appreciate those times.

(One last paragraph here to wrap it up) Please drop in again soon and let's (grab a cup of coffee). And, just so you know, thanks again!

Kindest Regards,

Your name

1 - Be sincere - Insincerity will glow like a hot coal and shame on you for even considering it.

2 - Do not write a heartfelt message and then send it to everyone on your email list - that reeks of insincerity and slovenly disrespect.

3 - One sentence paragraphs are fine. They help break up a short note and give it the look of abundance.

4 - Try to avoid words like "really, good, and very," and replace them with descriptive words instead - Were you "really excited," or were you, "excited beyond words?" Did you feel, "Very thankful," or did you feel, "elated about the possibilities."

5 - Thank people who may have been at a ceremony in your honor individually, not as a group left to put their initials on your thank you card and pass it around to the next person once they are finished reading it - Tacky.

- If the group was fellow employees only then there is no need to thank them individually or even as a group, unless there are a few people who stood out (or helped you in some way) that you are grateful to.

Thank you for special recognition, a gift, or even lunch - can include a special coffee:

Dear (name of person, supervisor or boss),

Thank you for the (gift, honor, what did they do for you that you are thanking them for?). I felt appreciated by you and (were there other people there who recognized you for something special - fellow employees, or management staff, for instance?) our vice president of operations. I enjoy the team-work exhibited by our group and honestly look forward to contributing to upcoming projects.

Thank you, also for an opportunity to participate with people who take their goals to the highest levels. I feel and heard from others that we all benefited from the positive experience you provided.


Your name

You got a raise or a bonus - Congratulations! Here's what you say:

Dear __________

Thank you for the (wage increase, bonus, incentive raise, etc). I appreciate your acknowledgment of my positive contributions. I look forward to working with you and our team in the future.

I am honored to be recognized in this way.


Your name

And how about that designated day that comes once a year to celebrate your boss and thank him or her?:

Dear __________,

We all share in letting you know how much we appreciate the care, concern, time and courtesies that you relentlessly give us throughout the year. Thank you for your leadership and for the countless times you helped us to learn and grow.

We wanted to tell you today that you are genuinely and sincerely appreciated by us.

We thank you,

All names are appropriate - Pass the card for individual signatures

I just have one more thing to say -

Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by my article and taking a moment of your precious time to read what I have to say.

I appreciate you for doing that.



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